Guitar-Stor™ By G3 Solutions, LLC

Safely store and display your guitars while freeing up valuable space in a beautiful solid wood guitar and/or case storage and display rack

Handmade in the USA

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See our two available models in various finishes below:

GS Custom

Guitar-Stor™  Custom- Cherry
Guitar-Stor® Custom Model In Cherry finish (click on pic to enlarge)*
Patent Pending
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GS Topless

Guitar-Stor™ Topless Deluxe
® Topless Deluxe Model In Cherry Finish (click on pic to enlarge)*
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by guitarists for guitarists, Guitar-Stor® is the only product of its kind that provides both IN AND OUT OF CASE guitar storage and display capability combined with an on-board guitar maintenance platform (GS Custom models only). Guitar-Stor® offers the player with multiple guitars an aesthetically attractive furniture grade piece that accommodates most major guitar and case brands and designs. Our Custom model features an ergonomically designed work top called "The Luthier's Bench." At 48" tall, the Luthier's Bench provides an amazingly comfortable work surface to perform all types of maintenance activities on your guitars. Super dense neoprene EPDM blended closed cell custom made foam protects all guitar touch points on Guitar-Stor®. On-board display lighting and accessory bins are also available as standard or optional depending upon model. Guitar-Stor™ helps organize and free up valuable room and studio space while keeping your guitars within easy reach in a single, safe, and attractive storage, display and maintenance platform. Please read on and then click on our products page for more information on our models, along with standard and optional features!!!

Check Out These Great Features!!!

Handmade by custom woodworkers and finishers exclusively in the USA

Protects, stores and displays your
guitars and cases within a custom designed attractive furniture piece

Organize and optimize your valuable music room or home studio space

Topless model offers the same carrying and storage capacities as our previous products at affordable prices. THEY SUPPORT BASSES TOO!!!!

dual top “Custom” model has the multi-use finished top PLUS an integrated "Luthier's Bench" that becomes hidden when tops are lowered

Large 3 foot wide internal storage space for guitars and/or cases

Assembles in minutes with allen wrench (provided) and small screwdriver

Durable, solid and attractive materials include hardwood sides and supports, laminated furniture top, and composite work top

We use only top grade cabinet hardware for the best durability, fit and look

Fits most models of electric and acoustic guitars and cases

Maintain and upgrade your guitars on an ergonomically designed and integrated "Luthier's Bench" (Custom Model Only)

All tops (on Custom models) can be raised to allow safe and full access to guitars

8 Moveable padded neck support pegs are provided for separating guitars and/or cases

Integral display lighting illuminates your guitars for use in dark environments (Custom Models Only)

On board removable accessory and tool bin (optional on Topless Model)

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*Guitars not included
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